Mini Remote-Control Trucks Transport Discus To Olympians In Rio

by NESN Staff

August 17, 2016

Anyone who got the chance to watch the discus throw competition in Rio might have seen a little remote-control truck driving around. It turns out these mini machines are nothing new to the Olympic Games.

They are, however, fun to watch. Retrieving a discus is no easy task, especially considering how often one is thrown. Fortunately for the workers of the track and field event, their lives are made a little easier thanks to the RC truck.

The trucks first debuted in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics, and were again seen in London. During the London Olympics, however, the RC cars caused a bit of controversy, as the IOC considered them in violation of its rules for on-field advertisements. Despite having free of any logos, the cars’ distinctive shape was deemed to be an ad for Mini.

To keep that from happening this year, it appears that these trucks only sport the Rio 2016 logo, and do not appear to be modeled after any car.

It’s a little bit smaller, but we’re calling this is upgrade from the “Hello Kitty” Hot Rod that tennis star Madison Keys used to drive.

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