The Summer Olympics bring athletes of all body types together in one place; there are bulked-up weightlifters, long and lean runners, giant basketball players, vertically-challenged gymnasts and many more shapes and sizes from all over the globe.

However, that doesn’t make it any less jarring when you see a photo of two different-sized athletes standing next to each other.

USA gymnast Simone Biles proved that Tuesday when she posted a photo with fellow countryman and indoor volleyball player David Lee. Biles, the shortest member of Team USA gymnastics, is 4-foot-8, while Lee is a whole two feet taller than her.

Yup, those are two adults.

Biles is right about size not mattering, too, as she and Team USA are expected to take home plenty of gold, while the men’s volleyball team has a chance at medaling, too.

Thumbnail photo via USA gymnast Simone Biles poses with volleyball player David Lee at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.