The buildup to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janiero couldn’t be going any better (sarcasm alert).

If the political unrest in Brazil, Zika virus, major safety concerns and toxic water wasn’t enough, add a less-than-ideal Olympic village to the list of problems.

But the United States men’s and women’s basketball teams won’t have to worry about the exposed wires and blocked toilets in the village, as they will stay aboard “The Silver Cloud” luxury cruise ship in Rio’s Maua port terminal instead. And there apparently will be plenty of security keeping the athletes safe, too.

(Just stay out of the water and avoid banana boats, please.)

Other athletes won’t be as lucky, though, as Dallas Mavericks center and Team Australia member Andrew Bogut pointed out on Twitter on Tuesday.

Or, in other words….

Thumbnail photo via Peter Casey/USA TODAY Sports Images