Al Horford Tells Sports Illustrated How David Ortiz Saved His Wedding


Al Horford’s wife might not have made it to the couple’s wedding if it weren’t for David Ortiz.

No, the Boston Red Sox designated hitter wasn’t driving a Lyft car like he did recently for a promotional prank, but he did provide some wheels for the ceremony in the Dominican Republic. Horford, who signed with the Boston Celtics as a free agent this summer, explained the story to Sports Illustrated.

“We’re down there, and I realize I’m supposed to get a limo for (my wife), to pick her up and take her to where we’re getting married,” Horford told SI’s Andrew Sharp. “And then, obviously being in the Dominican Republic, things never go how they’re supposed to. So three hours before the wedding, we find out that there’s no limo.”

Horford’s wedding was on Christmas Eve, so he was truly stuck after that revelation. But luckily for him, his friend and fellow Dominican Republic native had a solution. Horford called up Ortiz, who told the center he could have his Rolls Royce Phantom ready for him in 30 minutes, after he got it washed, of course.

“He didn’t even know my guy down there,” Horford said. “I sent a friend of mine. And he picks up the Phantom, brings it over to my wife. … And you know, that’s a very expensive car. But (Ortiz) tells me to keep it until I leave. So we’re there for a couple more days, and we have the car the whole time. It’s just one of those things, it shows he has a really big heart.”

Ortiz and Horford have been friends since Horford was a rookie for the Atlanta Hawks, who met the Celtics in the first round of the 2008 NBA playoffs. Ortiz got Horford’s attention while he had courtside seats for one of the games.

“I’m a baseball fan,” Horford said. “I always pulled for where the Dominican players play. So growing up, it was Sammy (Sosa) with the (Chicago) Cubs. But then more recently it was David, and Manny Ramirez and Pedro Martinez. So the fact that he was acknowledging me and wanted to get to know me? It was just really, really cool.”

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