Browns, Eagles Expertly Mock NFL’s Head-Scratching Social Media Policy


The NFL is a highlight-driven league. So why is it making it harder for fans to see those highlights?

The league recently announced new restrictions on its social media policy, threatening to fine any team that posts game footage on Twitter between kickoff and an hour after the game ends. In short, that means fans no longer can watch replays of their favorite team’s best plays on Twitter, even from those teams’ verified accounts.

It’s a pretty dumb rule, but a couple NFL teams found a hilarious workaround Sunday. Here’s what the Philadelphia Eagles tweeted at kickoff of their game against the Washington Redskins:

And here’s what the Cleveland Browns sent out after quarterback Cody Kessler tossed a touchdown pass against the Tennessee Titans:

If you can’t show actual highlights, why not crudely re-enact them using action figures and Popsicle sticks? The Eagles got even more sassy later in their game:

This obviously isn’t what fans want to see, but that’s the point. The NFL is hurting its own brand by preventing fans from seeing the highlights they crave, and this is what we’re stuck with instead.

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