NEW YORK — Tyron Woodley’s UFC 205 welterweight title fight against Stephen Thompson turned into an instant classic Saturday night, with champion and contender going back and forth so fiercly that no one could decide the winner.

That seemed to confuse the heck out of Bruce Buffer, the UFC’s longtime in-octagon announcer.

The bout lasted all five rounds, and the fighters huddled to hear Buffer’s announcement of the winner after 25 minutes of intense combat. Buffer began his announcement, then quickly left the octagon, seemingly to double-check the scorecard. He then returned — and said the word “still” in his microphone while doing so — and announced Woodley had won a 47-47, 47-47, 48-47 split decision.

One problem: That’s not a split decision. It’s a majority draw.

The UFC evidently recognized that issue while Joe Rogan interviewed Woodley in the octagon. Rogan, the UFC’s longtime color commentator, halted his interview, and Buffer loudly announced he had a correction. Woodley appeared to be distraught, possibly thinking he’d lose his belt, although Rogan assured him and the Madison Square Garden crowd that wasn’t the case.

So, Buffer correctly announced the fight a majority draw, with Woodley still the champion — and the Internet gave the announcer the Steve Harvey treatment.

Harvey, of course, incorrectly announced the winner of last year’s Miss Universe pageant and entered the Meme Hall of Fame for it.

The comparisons between Buffer and Harvey came quickly.

Buffer’s gaffe surely will be discussed at length after the fights, and it will be interesting to hear the explanation for the confusion.

The memes, of course, need no explanation.

Thumbnail photo via Jason Silva/USA TODAY Sports Images