Brown University typically is the site of some remarkable feats of human intelligence. That wasn’t the case Monday night.

Bryant University guard Ikenna Ndugba committed one of the more embarrassing blunders in recent sports memory in the Bulldogs’ game at Brown. Trailing by two with less than 12 seconds remaining, Bryant hit a 3-pointer to temporarily take the lead, before Brown responded with a layup to regain a one-point lead with just under 4 seconds left.

Enter Ndugba.

Four seconds isn’t a lot of time, but surely it could’ve been used more effectively than dribbling toward the sideline and heaving the ball in celebration when the scoreboard isn’t on your side. Ndugba’s lack of situational awareness probably isn’t why his team lost, 91-90, but it didn’t help.

Regardless, it’s hard not to feel bad for the guy.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/BrownAthletics