Conor McGregor talks a big game, but he sure knows how to back it up.

The Notorious made history Saturday night at UFC 205, defeating Eddie Alvarez in a lightweight title bout to become UFC’s first-ever two-division champion. (He also owns the featherweight title belt.)

McGregor called out UFC after his historic win, demanding an ownership stake in the company to reflect what he’s done for the sport’s popularity. That seems like a pretty big ask, but the Ireland native knows what he wants — in fact, he predicted he’d be in this exact position more than two years ago.

Notice the timestamp on that tweet: June 4, 2014. Incredibly, McGregor already has made good on the first part and very well could accomplish the second in the near future.

Not that you have to remind The Notorious about his prophetic words.

The UFC is McGregor’s world, and we’re all just living in it.

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