Stop us if you’ve heard this before: DeMarcus Cousins might be on the trade block.

The big man’s act is starting to wear thin with ownership, according to Kings minority owner and Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, who recently said on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” that Sacramento could look to move on from him.

“In the previous years, he’s been hot-headed, he hasn’t shown great leadership qualities,” O’Neal said of Cousins. “… I’m hearing talk that if things don’t start to become correct, then they may be looking in another direction.”

Shaq isn’t the only one hearing rumblings on Cousins, though not all signs point to the 26-year-old being traded.

“It is not going to happen unless the Kings cave a little,” a Western Conference general manager told Sporting News recently regarding a potential Cousins deal. “No one is going to give up too much for someone who might ruin your team’s chemistry this year, then ruin it next year when he is playing for free-agent money. If they don’t see that, then I don’t think it changes and I don’t think he goes anywhere. I don’t know that is good for them or for him, either. But that’s the reality.”

That Cousins potentially could be moved isn’t surprising. But he’s apparently not the only Kings player on the block.

Forward Omri Casspi wants more playing time and doesn’t appear to be happy with his current role with the team, according to an Israeli newspaper that cited the Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors and New York Knicks as interested suitors, per HoopsHype.

“Omri Casspi is very disappointed with his situation in Sacramento and has asked to be moved immediately,” the translated report reads, via Celtics Blog. “Toronto, Boston and New York have expressed interest in Casspi.”

Casspi later denied the report.

Both players present their own problems for Boston. Casspi isn’t a terrific rebounder and would be another big man with a good 3-point shot, joining Kelly Olynyk, Al Horford and Jonas Jerebko in that category. Cousins is a true superstar, but his attitude and price tag are serious detriments and there is no current indication the Celtics have recently inquired about him.

Then again, the only surprising trade with Danny Ainge in charge is the one he doesn’t make, so stay tuned.

Thumbnail photo via Logan Bowles/USA TODAY Sports Images