Ronda Rousey Storms Off Stage After Wild Staredown With Amanda Nunes

NEW YORK — She’s back!

Ronda Rousey unsuspectingly appeared with Amanda Nunes following the weigh-ins for UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden on Friday night, but her public presence was short-lived.

The former women’s bantamweight champion walked onto the stage with Nunes after a UFC 207 preview video played on the big screen for fans attending the weigh-ins.

Following an intense square-off with Nunes, Rousey immediately stormed off the stage. UFC president Dana White tried to grab Rousey as she was leaving, apparently so she can do a quick interview with Joe Rogan, but it clearly didn’t work.

Rousey has been quiet ever since losing her belt at UFC 193 almost one year ago. It’ll be interesting to see how much she exposes herself to the public during the build-up to UFC 207.