Charlie Sheen Is Going To World Series Game 7 Despite First Pitch Drama

Wild Thing won’t make an appearance at the 2016 World Series, and Charlie Sheen is none too pleased.

Sheen, of course, played wacky Cleveland Indians closer Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn in the classic 1989 film “Major League,” and before the World Series started, Indians fans thought it’d be neat if Sheen threw out the ceremonial first pitch as his character at one of Cleveland’s home games.

Apparently, Sheen thought it’d be neat, too, because he tweeted this out before Game 2 at Progressive Field:

But the Indians have not “gotten” Vaughn and don’t plan on it for Wednesday night’s Game 7. Sheen was pretty disappointed, so in the middle of Cleveland’s Game 6 blowout loss to the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday night, he let the team hear it.

It would’ve been cool to see Sheen throw out the first pitch at one of these games, but you can’t really blame the Indians (or Major League Baseball) for calling upon, you know, actual former Indians players, which is who they’ve chosen instead.

But that didn’t stop the 51-year-old actor from somehow drawing a parallel between Cleveland’s Game 6 shortcomings and Wild Thing’s non-presence on the mound. Call it the “Curse of Charlie Sheen,” perhaps?

The Indians will hope that’s not the case Wednesday night in Game 7 as they seek to avoid blowing a 3-1 series lead. Maybe they can bring in Pedro Cerrano to try to combat some of the bad mojo.

UPDATE (2:05 p.m. ET): Apparently, Charlie Sheen is making his way to Game 7 after all.

A source close to the actor told TMZ that two local business owner gave Sheen two tickets to the World Series’ decisive game at Progressive Field and that he was taking his private jet to Cleveland on Wednesday afternoon for a full day of activities.

Sheen, who reportedly is expected to meet with some of the Cleveland Cavaliers, seemed to confirm his voyage by tweeting the following Wednesday morning:

Thumbnail photo via Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Images