‘Charlie Moore Outdoors’ Marathon To Run On Christmas Eve, Christmas On NESN


It’s Christmas time, which means it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some quality time with The Mad Fisherman.

NESN will be airing 15 hours of the “Charlie Moore Outdoors” on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The marathon will include episodes with special celebrity guests such as Hulk Hogan and Luis Tiant, and showcase tropical locations like Hawaii and Panama.

So, if you’d like to supplement your holidays with a little fishing, check out the marathon schedule below.

Saturday, Dec. 24 (all times ET)
7 p.m.: Charlie Moore Mad Fish
7:30 p.m.: Time To Shyne (Panama)
8 p.m.: Welcome To Hawaii
8:30 p.m.: Bimini Bay Bahamas
9 p.m.: South Beach
9:30 p.m.: Charlie Moore Mad Fish

Sunday, Dec. 25 (all times ET)
9 a.m: Ahhh! Groupaaa!
9:30 a.m.: The Maine Event
10 a.m.: Mike Sigel “Captain Hook”
10:30 a.m.: Moore Therapy
11 a.m.: Charlie Moore Mad Fish
11:30 a.m.: Charlie Moore Mad Fish
12 p.m.: Salute To Red (Charleston, S.C.)
12:30 p.m.: Mad Fish Christmas
1 p.m.: Dead Ringer
1:30 p.m.: The Way Life Should Be
2 p.m.: South Carolina (Gators, Guns)
2:30 p.m.: Tom Brands
3 p.m.: Bob Marley
3:30 p.m.: Cape Cod
4 p.m.: Luis Tiant
4:30 p.m.: Ryan Newman
5 p.m.: Charlie Moore Mad Fish
5:30 p.m.: Mickey Ward
6 p.m.: Tom Caron
6:30 p.m.: Charlie & Angela In Texas
7 p.m.: Italy
7:30 p.m.: Idaho Fly Fishing
8 p.m.: San Diego
8:30 p.m.: Destination
9 p.m.: Hulk Hogan
9:30 p.m.: Charlie Moore Mad Fish

Thumbnail photo via Youtube 

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