The action didn’t stay between the lines Thursday night at Arrowhead Stadium.

As the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Oakland Raiders 21-13 in a devastating matchup between AFC West titans, a few rowdy fans got a little out of control, leading to an upper-deck brawl for the ages.

Warning: video contains some strong language and might not be suitable for those strongly opposed to hand-to-hand combat

Not only did fists fly. So did bodies. Several fans went ass over teakettle amidst the madness, tumbling down multiple rows of seats before security eventually intervened.

The most unfortunate part of the video is that a woman got caught up in the melee and ended up face-planting down a few rows. The best part is the dude in the leather jacket, who swings wildly on at least three people and basically ends up at midfield by the time he stops helicoptering toward the 50-yard line.

Who said “Thursday Night Football” games can’t be fun?

H/t to our good friends over at Busted Coverage

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