Jeff Fisher Explaining His Challenge Flag Mishap Will Make You Chuckle


The Los Angeles Rams-New England Patriots game Sunday at Gillette Stadium was borderline unwatchable for most of the afternoon, but at least Jeff Fisher provided some comic relief.

GIFs and videos of the Rams head coach were all over social media Sunday after he struggled mightily to find his challenge flag during the third quarter of the Pats’ 26-10 victory.

He evetually found the flag and won the challenge, but those videos will live forever. Fisher did take a humurous approach to the flag debacle when he spoke with reporters Tuesday, though.

“It was hilarious. I appreciate you asking,” Fisher told reporters, via a Twitter video from Ventura County Star’s Joe Curley. “I keep my flag in my back right pocket in my coaching pants, and I was a little underdressed in the first half. I started getting cold, so I put some wind pants on and then I put a jacket on, and then I had this really long jacket.

“So, and then I was wired for NFL Films, and then I have a beltpack with two things on the side. I had taken the challenge flag and I stuck it in one of the pockets of this big jacket. I walked up to the official and said, ‘I want review that catch. I think it’s catch.’ And he goes, ‘Well, where’s your flag.’ And I said, ‘Well, it’s right here.’ And then I could feel it but I can’t find it. And he goes, ‘Well, you need the flag.’ And I go, ‘Just tell Jerome (Boger) that I’m challenging this and I’ll eventually find it for you.’

“It was hilarious. It was just one of those funny moments on the sideline. That’s what happened. I could feel it but I couldn’t find it.”


Click to watch Fisher hilariously try to find his challenge flag >>

Thumbnail photo via Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports Images

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