Richard Sherman Explains Why He Hates Thursday Night Football Games


Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks will be playing the Los Angeles Rams this Thursday, but he is not happy about it.

The Pro Bowl cornerback recently made headlines when he expressed his opinion of the “Thursday Night Football” games, in which he called them a “poopfest.”

On Wednesday, Sherman took to The Players’ Tribune to elaborate on these comments, and explain how unfair these games are to the players.

In his piece, he ran down the weekly schedule of an NFL player, from the game on Sunday, to rehabilitation and practices throughout the week, and then eventually the next game.

Sherman was blunt in his criticisms of the league: they are looking out for themselves, not the players.

“Thursday Night Football is just another example of the NFL?s hypocrisy: The league will continue a practice that diminishes the on-field product and endangers its players, but as long as the dollars keep rolling in, it couldn?t care less,” Sherman wrote.

He even took a shot at the commissioner.

“I?d like to put Roger Goodell in pads for a late game on a Sunday, in December, in Green Bay, on the frozen tundra ? then see what time he gets to the office on Monday morning, knowing that he would have to suit up again on Thursday,” he wrote.

Sherman made a point to say that he is not complaining and that he understands this is the nature of the game, he just believes the league isn’t truly looking out for its players by making them play on Thursday nights.

“I just don?t understand why the NFL says it?s taking a stand on player safety, then increases the risks its players face by making them play on Thursday, before their bodies are ready,” he wrote.

While many players probably share similar thoughts as Sherman regarding these games, it’s hard to imagine that “Thursday Night Football” is going anywhere anytime soon.

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