These Cops Laying Out Two Jets Fans Was The Best Part Of ‘MNF’ Blowout


When you’re watching a team as bad as the New York Jets, sometimes you need to make your own entertainment.

That must be what two Jets fans had in mind Monday night at MetLife Stadium. As their team stumbled to an embarrassing 41-10 home loss to the Indianapolis Colts in primetime, a pair of rabble-rousers decided to remove their shirts and rush the field.

ESPN’s cameras unsurprisingly didn’t give the streakers air time, but there’s a fan video, and it’s glorious.

What you just saw was two excellent form tackles by stadium security guards — arguably the two best hits of the night on the home side, considering New York allowed 421 total yards and 27 first downs.

And those listening on the radio were treated to another stellar call by Westwood One play-by-play man Kevin Harlan, who thoroughly enjoyed the on-field shenanigans.

We still think Harlan’s call of a drunk fan on the field in Week 1 was better, but this is a close second. The incident also produced some pretty epic photos.

Jets fan tackled

Photo via Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY Sports Images

Jets fan

Photo via Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY Sports Images

Jets fan

Photo via Ed Mulholland/USA TODAY Sports Images

We’d say these three photos pretty accurately sum up the Jets’ 3-9 season to date.

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