Matt Garza threw the Twitter equivalent of a wild pitch Thursday night — and that might be an understatement.

Earlier that night, actress Jessica Chastain expressed her concern with the U.S. Senate’s dismantling of the Affordable Care Act, which could have unfortunate consequences for women.

Chastain’s tweet somehow popped up on Garza’s radar, and the Milwaukee Brewers pitcher responded with this scorching take:

Garza’s stance, apparently, is if you want to avoid getting pregnant, just don’t have sex, which is like telling someone to avoid car accidents by never driving again. It’s a dumb argument to begin with, but in Garza’s case, it’s also hypocritical: The right-hander has six children, the first of whom was born when Garza was 18 years old.

This fact wasn’t lost on the internet, which had no problem calling out the Brewers pitcher.

Then again, this tweet is coming from a guy who once directed a string of sexist tweets at the wife of then-Oakland Athletics shortstop Eric Sogard, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

Thumbnail photo via Kevin Jairaj/USA TODAY Sports Images