Racing, including Formula 1, has seen numerous changes and innovations through the years. Some of the technological advancements in the racing industry have even bled into the consumer market.

Part of what makes racing so fascinating is the ongoing evolution of the vehicles used on the track. The cars used in the early years of F1 bare little resemblance to the ones seen today, but they provided a platform for some truly incredible feats of engineering.

For those of you that don’t have the time to do the research, Real Engineering posted a video on YouTube that encapsulates some of the most important innovations seen by the automotive industry. Watch below to learn the history of steel disc brakes, carbon fiber materials, the never-ending fight against drag and more.

Clearly, change doesn’t happen over night. But racing is never a finished product, so we can be sure that more innovations are just around the corner.

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Thumbnail photo via Pexels