Here’s What We Are (And Aren’t) Looking Forward To From Nintendo Switch


January 17, 2017

Nintendo Switch, the company’s newest gaming console, could either be a complete game changer, or a massive failure.

Nintendo’s new system is essentially a cross between a home-gaming console and a portable gaming device, allowing you to play in your home or on the go without having to buy more than one unit. It basically incorporates facets from all of Nintendo’s previous platforms, such as cartridges, touchscreens and motion sensors, into one Hail Mary of a system.

Scheduled for a March 3 release, it’s Nintendo’s first time getting back on the proverbial horse since releasing the Wii U in 2013. Nintendo sold just under 14 million units of the Wii U, a spectacular failure considering Sony sold 49 million PlayStation 4 systems and Microsoft moved 25 million Xbox Ones, both of which were also released in 2013, according to VGChartz.

But does the Nintendo Switch have what it takes to draw gamers back to the iconic brand?

Nintendo revealed a fair amount about the system during a presentation Friday, but we do still have some questions. Here’s what has us excited, and hesitant, about the Nintendo Switch.

The Games

Nintendo’s bread and butter. After a lackluster lineup for the Wii U, Nintendo is set to release “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” alongside the system on March 3, with “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe,” “Super Mario Odyssey” and “Splatoon 2” all expected by the holiday season. Perhaps more importantly, the Nintendo Switch will also have popular games from third-party developers, including “Skyrim” and “FIFA.”

The Possibilities

The ability to have a near-identical gaming experience on the go as you do in your living room is pretty incredible. And with reworked motion sensors and the new “HD Rumble” feature, Nintendo continues to improve the accuracy of its haptic feedback. The idea that you could take Mario Kart onto a plane and connect up to eight players is also pretty insane.

Nintendo’s Stubbornness (Good)


The gaming community’s love of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One made it pretty clear that large online communities, integrated home entertainment, amazing graphics and annual content from a few popular franchises are what makes money. But Nintendo has dug its feet in the sand and made the gaming experience its top priority, for which we are eternally grateful.

Nintendo’s Stubbornness (Bad)

Switch pro controller

But Nintendo’s bullheaded nature comes at a cost. Most players prefer traditional controllers, but Nintendo is insistent on pushing boundaries and trying new designs. Not only does this isolate audiences and limit the community, but in recent years, the challenge Nintendo’s unusual technology presents has deterred plenty of major developers, such as Electronic Arts, from releasing games on its platforms. Plus, if you want the more-conventional “Pro Controller,” it’s going to cost you $70.


Nintendo Switch

The switch retails for $299.99, although, pre-orders are pretty much sold out everywhere. That’s a little high, and the accessories are pretty expensive as well, via Forbes.

No Bundled Software

For that price, we would like to have seen a game bundled with the system, but all you’ll get with the Nintendo Switch is the hardware necessary to play it. We thought “1-2-Switch” was a perfect candidate, but Nintendo said it couldn’t keep the price below $300 if it packaged a game with the console, according to IGN.

Thumbnail photo via Nintendo

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