If You’re looking To Buy Premier Car In 2017, Here Are 5 Great Options


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I thought long and hard, and here is my list of the top five buys in this marketplace, which seems to have no end in sight. Most are not in the million-dollar range yet, but they sure seem to be headed in that direction.

Porsche Carrera Speedster

Photo via Gooding & Co.

1.1956-59 Porsche 356A Carrera GS and GT

Let me start by saying Porsche only built 541 of these cars. That alone should be a wake-up call. These cars represent the first Porsche Carrera-named street cars, and as a result, are something collectors will always want to own. Certainly, a 356A Carrera is an amazing road car, eligible for just about any event in the world and at any rally event. It will not only keep you dry in a rainstorm but it’s so reliable you will not have to worry about countless breakdowns — you can just enjoy the car.

These cars can be bought for less than $800,000, which to me looks like a buying opportunity, because at some point soon these cars are likely to cost more than $1,000,000. Buy one now before everyone else figures it out.

Toyota GT

Photo via Mecum Auctions

2. 1967-1970 Toyota 2000GT

The 2000GT is an incredible car that offers stunning good looks, strong performance as well as Shelby racing history, all matched with Japanese reliability. Also, Toyota only built a total of 337 street versions of this car, making it incredibly rare.

A few years ago, 2000GTs were selling for as much as $1,000,000. But those same cars currently sell for between $700,000 and $900,000, with most changing hands in the $800,000 range. This drop in value is likely to correct itself, and these fantastic cars are apt to start rising in value again. If you are interested, you can usually find one at top-tier markets at least once a year.

Aston Martin

Photo via RM Sotheby’s

3. 1957-1959 Aston Martin DB 2/4 Mk III:

The Mk III Aston Martin has been the also-ran of Aston Martin GT cars for much too long. The styling of these cars is striking and refined, yet still sporty. Performance is also strong, with the car capable of more than 100 mph. Also, a Mk III DB2/4 is one of the very few Astons eligible for events such as the California Mille, and, to my eye, appears set to jump in price.

Aston Martin built only 551 of these epic cars, and somehow you can still buy one for as little as $300,000. This represents a lot of car for the money, and I honestly feel these cars are likely to double in value over the next few years.

1953 Chevrolet Corvette

Photo via Barrett-Jackson

4. 1953 Chevrolet Corvette

Yes, I know, these cars are not great performers, and the factory fiberglass bodies were not top-tier quality. But these were the very first examples of a car that has become an icon, and a model that has been continuously produced since 1953. Plus, the total production volume of the 1953 Corvette was only 300 units. Sure, there are C2 big-block cars already in the million-dollar range, but these C1 Vettes are bound to hold, as well as increase in value. The fact you can buy one of these cars for less than $300,000 simply defies logic to me. These cars are as sure a thing at this price as I can think of, and I think anyone with a love of these cars and the money to buy one should do so immediately.

1963 Ferrari

Photo via Silverstone Auctions

5. 1962-1964 Ferrari 250 GT/L Lusso

The Lusso, to me, is one of the masterpieces from Maranello. These strikingly beautiful cars drive even better that they look and offer a level of exclusivity, with 350 examples built.

A few years ago, a nice Lusso was priced as high as $2,500,000. But in the last year, this iconic Ferrari has dropped to under $2,000,000, and often sell for as little as $1,500,000. These event-eligible cars will not only hold their value but should increase in price. Buy one now while they are still changing hands for less than $2,000,000, and own one of the most beautiful Ferrari road cars ever.

I have left off a lot of cars, but I hope my list helps you grab a good deal on one of these cars while the prices are still down.

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Photos courtesy of RM Sotheby’s, Mecum, Silverstone and Barrett-Jackson.

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