If You’ve Ever Wanted To See Mario In ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ Wait No Longer

We’ve now seen Mario running around “New Donk City.” But how would he look in “Liberty City?”

The reveal of “Super Mario Odyssey,” and the Nintendo Switch,  gave us our first look at everyone’s favorite plumber running around his most-human environment yet. So, naturally, everyone’s been wondering how Mario would look if he were in the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise.

Well, wonder no longer, because once again, the internet has delivered. Thanks to YouTube channel CrowbCat, a taller, more-slender Mario is exploring his harshest environment yet. Fair warning, this is “Grand Theft Auto,” so there’s plenty of NSFW language.

It’s highly unlikely an actual Grand Theft Auto/Mario mashup will ever exist, but we can dream. Plus, driving motorcycles and scaling huge structures is all stuff he’s done before.

If you want to play “Super Mario Odyssey,” you’ll have to wait for that, as the  game is scheduled to release next holiday season.

Thumbnail photo via YouTube/CrowbCat

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