Full-size SUVs are great. They’re big, powerful and last forever. But it’s hard to deny the quality of the current batch of mid-size crossovers.

Sizing down from your large SUV will likely give you a price break and a boost in fuel economy, which is why midsize crossovers are more popular than ever. That’s why there were plenty of midsize crossovers on display in Boston this week. Here are some of the best midsize SUVs we found at the New England International Auto Show.

2017 Bentley Bentayga


So it’s expensive. So what? This thing sports a 60 GB solid-state hard drive in the display, which is crazy. In addition to looking fantastic, the Bentayga has just about everything you could want in a vehicle: High-tech safety features, advanced connectivity and entertainment options, power and comfort. Oh, and it’s a Bentley.

2018 Jeep Compass


This was an impressive vehicle. A consolidation of the previous Compass and the Patriot, the 2018 version is radically different than its predecessor. Its interior and exterior both looked great, will come with state-of-the art safety features upon its release.

2017 Subaru Outback


It may not have the luxury or power some of the other vehicles in this class, but the Outback is extremely reliable, and this year’s model looks great was very comfortable on the inside. And as always, it handles great in the snow.

2017 Kia Sportage


This was among the most impressive exteriors in the entire class, and show. The brown and black stripe that flows through the interior really made this crossover stand out. Extremely comfortable, the Sportage also had a great navigation and display system.

2017 Lincoln MKC


Available as a hybrid, the MKC was one of the coolest and more luxurious offerings among crossovers. In addition to being extremely comfortable and looking great, the MKC comes available with 14 and 20 speaker builds that sounded awesome. The control panel and ambient lighting in the interior are some other highlights.

2017 Ford Edge


The Ford Edge is another vehicle that might not jump out at you in the way that the Bentayga does, but it’s solid across the board. The Edge also comes with the ability to have parking assist, lane departure warning and other advanced safety technology.

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All photos via Ryan DeCosta/NESN Fuel