Julian Edelman Talks New Baby, Playoffs With Katie Nolan In Hilarious Interview


Julian Edelman has had quite the season.

The New England Patriots wide receiver played a full 16-game regular season for the first time after returning from a foot injury, and he welcomed his first child, a daughter named Lily, into the world. And he covered it all with Katie Nolan on a segment for her show, “Garbage Time.”

“That’s the goal going into every year is to play in 16 (games),” Edelman told Nolan. “Sometimes durability’s better than ability, especially in this crazy sport. It was a tough year. I had to come back from an injury. I had a daughter. There was a whole rollercoaster of emotions, and I’m looking forward to the playoffs.”

Edelman said he feels like a changed man since becoming a father and talked about the Patriots wanting to improve in the playoffs this year, but, because he’s Julian Edelman, the interview definitely wasn’t all serious. Especially when it came to talking about his teammates.

“(Rob Gronkowski’s) like a savant,” Edelman said of the injured tight end. “At everything. I literally walk down the hallways and say, ‘Gronk, what’s 364 times 15,’ and he, like, knows the answer. I put a math problem on a chalkboard once, walked away, and when I came back, it was done. I said, ‘Who did this?’ And it was Gronk.”

He didn’t fool Nolan, though, who knew Edelman was referencing the plot of “Good Will Hunting” (and possibly “Step Brothers,” too).

Never change, Jules.

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