Julian Edelman’s Patriots ‘Wonder Years’ Mashup Serves As Great Hype Video

You’re bound to see plenty of hype videos between now and Sunday night when the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons battle in Super Bowl LI in Houston.

Most of those hype videos will be similar in nature. They’ll probably feature an inspiration clip or voice-over from a popular movie or TV show. There might be a flashback to a time when the team or player went through adversity, showing just how far said team or player has come. There undoubtedly will be music that will make you want to run through the wall spliced just perfectly with the awe-inspiring highlights.

But the week’s hype video bucks those trends, disguising itself as a simple mashup of the TV classic “Wonder Years,” and it comes to us by way of Patriots receiver Julian Edelman’s social media folks. While we’re not entirely sure it was meant to be a “hype video” in the traditional sense, it certainly will get Patriots fans all kinds of pumped and jacked for Sunday’s clash with the Falcons.

H/t to SportsGrid