Trevor Bauer might want to steer clear of the Pro Bowl’s new skills competition.

The NFL recently announced that this year’s Pro Bowl festivities will include a “Skills Showdown,” which will air Thursday and consist of AFC and NFC All-Stars competing in random events such as precision passing drills, relay races and even dodgeball.

On Wednesday, the league revealed another off-the-wall portion of the Skills Showdown: the “Drone Drop.”

The premise (we think) is pretty simple: Drones will drop footballs down on players from high in the sky, simulating some form of catching a punt or kick. Catching the ball might be harder than it looks, too, especially if it’s dropped from a high elevation or if there’s any wind involved.

In case you’re wondering, NFL vice president of communications Brian McCarthy confirmed the league got FAA approval to use the drones, so no aviation rules will be broken Thursday. We can’t say the same about fingers, though.