Some people just don’t like the New England Patriots. Even if Tom Brady climbed up a tree and saved their cat, they still would find something to complain about. And it sure seems like that’s the case for FOX Sports 1’s Rob Parker.

The “Undisputed” analyst weighed in on Deflategate while sitting next to Eric Mangini, Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe on Wednesday, and he covered everything from cults to the people of Boston being unwilling to admit Native Americans weren’t involved in the Boston Tea Party — huh?

And then he dropped this hot take:

“I think that Tom Brady, and I’ve said this before, should be on par with like a Derek Jeter, who is a guy who was a great champion, won, had a great career, no blemishes,” Parker said. “Tom Brady’s not in that boat anymore.

“And I do believe at some point, some disgruntled employee is going to write a tell-all book down the road and we’ll find out … what went on behind the scenes, what Tom Brady knew — Spygate, Deflategate, all of that. And Tom Brady will end up being Lance Armstrong without the bicycle.”

You can watch it all for yourself in the video below.


Thumbnail photo via David Butler III/USA TODAY Sports Images