These High-Tech Automotive Features Are More Common Than They Used To Be


BOSTON — Advanced technology is spreading to seemingly everywhere, including our vehicles. And now, more than ever, some high-tech features are available in affordable vehicles.

Many gadgets and gizmos that are now commonplace were once only found on the premium market, but those days have changed. Here are some high-tech features we saw at the New England International Automotive Show in Boston that have made permanent residence on the average consumer market.

Advanced Safety Features

High-tech safety is becoming commonplace. A prime example of this is “Toyota Safety Sense,” a safety features package that has trickled down from Lexus and the premier market, and found itself in all of Toyota’s 2017 models.

But Toyota’s not alone. Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler, to name a few, all offer park assist, lane departure alert, collision prevention and pedestrian alert in many base models across different brands. In particular, the Jeep Renegade offers advanced safety technology in an SUV that costs less than $20 thousand.

“We get a lot of millennial buying it,” Angela Bianchi, public relations manager for the Renegade, told NESN Fuel. “One of the great things when we introduced it, was we were able to introduce it with all this technology that used to be limited just to the premium SUVs.”

Enhanced Connectivity

Nearly every current model on display at the NEIAS featured some variation of wireless technology and high-definition displays that offer tons of connectivity and media control.

Chevrolet’s “Teen Driver,” for example, is available in 13 of the brand’s 2017 models, after being featured in just one 2016 model, the Malibu. The service allows parents to monitor how their kids are driving, by providing a report card on the vehicle’s display that shows things such as how often stability or traction controls came on, and how often the speed limit was exceeded.

Extras / Conveniences

Sometimes you just want your car to do cool stuff. Features like automated head lights, adaptive cruise control and syncing with your phone’s navigation are available in many current models on the affordable market.

Technology is always evolving, and new exclusive features will always replace those that become expected. Still, affordable cars are getting cooler than ever.

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Thumbnail photo via Ford

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