Poor Guy Has Two Cars Crushed By Trees On Same Day In Different Cities


It’s not quite getting struck by lightening twice, but this guy from Sacramento could make a pretty convincing case for world’s unluckiest man.

Gerogiy Karpekin was leaving Sacramento City College on Wednesday and found his Ford F-150 crushed by a large eucalyptus tree, KTXL-TV reports. To make matters worse, Karpekin got a to his home in West Sacramento, Calif., only to find out that another of his vehicles had suffered a similar fate.

“You know, life’s full of peaks and valleys, man,” Karpekin told KTXL-TV.

That’s some remarkable positivity from a man who just had two vehicles “taco’d” during the same day. And while Karpekin is alive and his insurance is helping him out, he probably should be mindful of his surroundings for the foreseeable future, in case that dark cloud decides to linger.

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Thumbnail photo via YouTube/MediaPress

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