A Bill Belichick press conference is a thing of wonder.

The New England Patriots head coach famously gives reporters short, blunt answers — if he answers at all — but he also can go on and on in his monotone about another team’s punter. But while Belichick’s style is mostly endearing to New England fans, former Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell tried to use it to warn Patriots owner Robert Kraft against hiring him.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King told the story to Colin Cowherd on his radio show.

“Well, he told him in the year 2000, he sent him tapes of Bill Belichick in his press conferences, and Kraft watched them, and he goes, ‘Oh my God,’” King said Tuesday, via The Big Lead. “Because Kraft wanted to hire Belichick as his head coach. But Art Modell told him at the time, ‘It’ll be the biggest mistake of your life if you hire him.’”

King also shared this interaction he had with Kraft in a story written earlier this week on The MMQB, after asking Kraft whether the press conferences gave him cause for concern.

“Of course!” Kraft told King. “How could I not be? I watched those tapes!”

Modell wasn’t the only person who thought Kraft would regret hiring Belichick, but the Patriots no doubt are glad he took the chance. Belichick will go for his fifth Super Bowl win with the Patriots in their seventh appearance together Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI.

Thumbnail photo via Michael Madrid/USA TODAY Sports Images