Conor McGregor Credits Certain Part Of Anatomy For His Confidence, Skill


Love him or hate him, Conor McGregor sure is entertaining.

“The Notorious” has become one of the biggest names in mixed martial arts thanks to his his swagger and incredible fighting skills. And his knockout ability has claimed some of the biggest names in the sport, including Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 to claim the lightweight title.

So how exactly does McGregor do it? If you’re good at reading dashes, you’ll get a kick out of his answer during a recent interview with GQ Style.

?It’s all in the n——. It’s all in the b— s—. I just have confidence that comes from my big b— s—, and I know when I smack you, you’re going down,” he told GQ Style. “And that’s it.?

Well, that’s quite the description.

That answer came after he described his knockout ability when it comes to his rivalry with Nate Diaz.

?No one’s work is clean like my work,” McGregor said. “My shots are clean. My shots are precise. Look at Nate. Nate was 200 pounds. When I hit him down, it was exactly like if a sniper took aim at someone in between their eyeballs and let the thing rip. The way he dropped, it was like a sack of s—. So that’s a power I have.?

Of course, that’s not exactly how it went the first time when Diaz shockingly beat McGregor, but point taken.

Just something else for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to ponder if their super fight ever happens.

Thumbnail photo via Adam Hunger/USA TODAY Sports Images

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