Some college students like to hop in their cars and head home for the weekend. It’s tough to do that, however, when your car is frozen in a flooded parking lot.

Thanks to a nearby river that flooded, some students from Plymouth State University in Plymouth, N.H. saw their vehicles submerged — and eventually frozen — over the weekend in nearly window-deep water, WMUR-TV reports. A roughly 4-mile-long ice jam on the Pemigewasset River caused water to flow into a student parking near the university’s ice rink Sunday.

An alert sent out Sunday morning by the university prompted some students to move their cars in time, but owners of nearly 50 remaining vehicles weren’t as fortunate.

Leave it to college kids to kayak on a flooded parking lot in the middle of the winter.

The water reportedly came in quicker than expected, as a local tow company that was salvaging some of the vehicles Sunday morning was forced to stop. Approximately 12 hours after the flooding began, a thin coating of ice reportedly formed over the lot, which has been known to flood in the past.

Vehicles weren’t the only things in danger, as people living in nearby homes reportedly were told to evacuate as well.

“Look out my window and it’s creeping up and there’s cars underwater, so we were told to get all our stuff out in a couple hours,” PSU student Dave Minich said to WMUR. “I’ve heard of this happening in the past, but I’ve never seen anything like this. This is pretty outrageous. This is insane.”

An emergency shelter reportedly was set up at the school Sunday evening. As for the students left with damaged vehicles, the school released a statement telling them to file claims through their personal insurance providers.