Honda Dealership Clarifies It Has No Affiliation With Late KKK Leader


It’s one thing to deal with the annoyance of sharing a name with a celebrity, but sharing a name with a famous Klu Klux Klan leader is something different entirely.

Frank Ancona, the leader of his self-established Traditionalist American Knights of the Klu Klux Klan, was found dead in a Missouri river last week after reportedly being shot and killed by his wife and stepson, according to The New York Times. Frank Ancona, the owner of Kansas-based Frank Ancona Honda, wants you to know he shares no connection with the former.

“Frank Ancona Honda is not in any relation to the KKK leader that was recently found dead,” the dealership said in a statement that’s since been removed from its website. The statement then linked to an article with more information, before clarifying one last time that there is no connection between the two Anconas.

The need to make the statement results from the 85-year-old Ancona receiving phone calls from people confusing him for the Klansman and “ranting and raving,” he told Automotive News.

It’s fair to assume the dealership would like to move on from the situation.

It’s worth noting that Ancona promoted his KKK branch as a nonviolent organization, according to The Times.

Thumbnail photo via YouTube/Frank Ancona

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