On Wednesday morning, we had ESPN’s Adam Schefter saying he believed the New England Patriots would trade backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Then on Thursday morning, we had ESPN’s Ed Werder saying he didn’t believe Garoppolo would be traded.

Welcome to the NFL offseason in New England.

Everything gets leaked out of New England for a reason, and there’s no sense in the Patriots revealing whether they actually do or don’t want to trade Garoppolo until the 2017 NFL Draft. So for the next two months, we wait.

Let’s get into this week’s mailbag.

@DougKyed Werder says Jimmy G staying put. What do you think? 🤞🏻 *Takes Jimmy G jersey for sale sign off front yard for now.
— @Tav2real
I think it’s actually really funny and fitting that two ESPN reporters essentially put out conflicting reports on whether Garoppolo would be traded. And that’s not a knock on ESPN at all. It’s funny and fitting because I believe there’s almost a perfect 50 percent chance Garoppolo gets traded.

I think the Patriots certainly are open to trading Garoppolo, but it has to be for the right deal. They’re not going to trade him for anything less than basically 200 cents on the dollar. The Patriots selected Garoppolo with a late second-round pick, and they should be receiving at least a first-rounder for him in return.

@DougKyed Do you agree with Edelman’s assessment of Jimmy G’s ability? #MailDoug
— @Vroc31
That he’s a stud and has a gunslinger mentality? I mean, I guess. I feel like the term gunslinger isn’t thrown around enough anymore. So, if Garoppolo being traded and becoming a starter means we all get to hear and say gunslinger more, then I’m all for it.

Gunslinger Garoppolo has a nice ring to it. The G in Jimmy G doesn’t stand for Garoppolo anymore, either. It stands for Gunslinger. Jimmy Gunslinger.

What do you think Trey Flowers ceiling is? #MailDoug
— @lundlin87
I don’t think it’s crazy to think he can be an All-Pro and Pro Bowl selection. He already might be the Patriots’ defensive player. Or maybe he’s not. You’ll have to read what I wrote Thursday morning to know for sure. OK fine. He’s not. (Or is he?)

@DougKyed will the pats extend James white or will he just be another woodhead and Vereen?
— @patsfan71284
That all depends on what he believes he can get from another team. I think he’s a similar talent to Vereen with perhaps a little less raw skill but more versatility. I think he’s also a player who works best in the Patriots’ system, so if I were another team, I probably wouldn’t offer him a contract similar to the one Vereen received with the New York Giants for $4 million per season.

My guess is that White sticks around past his rookie contract.

@DougKyed do you think it would make more sense for the Pats to sign a free agent or draft Logan Ryan’s replacement if he leaves?
— @June__NYC
If Logan Ryan walks in free agency, they could always try to trade for Jason McCourty to make it a one-for-one Rutgers swap in the secondary.

McCourty only is on the books for $7 million with the Tennessee Titans in 2017, and Devin McCourty has expressed serious interest in playing with his brother again at some point.

And quite frankly, Devin would probably be a little lonely if Ryan and the Patriots’ other Rutgers secondary member, Duron Harmon, leave in free agency.

@DougKyed Of the Super Bowl roster, who are 10 least likely to be on active 53-man roster at start of 2017 season.
— @ChicoWins
Hmm, that’s an interesting question. Barkevious Mingo, Jabaal Sheard, LaAdrian Waddle, Justin Coleman, Matt Lengel. This is getting difficult.

Logan Ryan, Duron Harmon, Jimmy Garoppolo, Danny Amendola annnnnnnd Martellus Bennett? Maybe replace someone with Michael Floyd?

@DougKyed as a Bama fan how should I feel if Daboll is hired as the OC? Don’t know a whole lot about him
— @dbrown33177
Good. I think Brian Daboll can be a really good college offensive coordinator, and it’s a great position for him to be in.

Hey, Steve Sarkisian was Alabama’s offensive coordinator for, like, a few hours and got an NFL OC gig. I think this is a nice step for Daboll in rebuilding his reputation after struggling for a few years as an NFL offensive coordinator.

And if Daboll gets hired away from the Patriots, New England could always rehire George Godsey, who was fired as Houston Texans offensive coordinator, to coach tight ends.

@DougKyed This is a big IF, but if Brady wins a sixth SB next season, do u think he’ll retire allowing us to keep Jimmy? #MailDoug
— @paddyflan
Brady already told TheMMQB’s Peter King that 2017 won’t be his last season. So, unless you’re calling Brady a liar, then no. I don’t think he’ll retire if he wins a sixth ring.

@DougKyed If Pats get rd1-12 from CLE for Jimmy G, would we break even from #deflategate? Trade 1-30 and 4-30 in 2016 draft for 1-12 in 17.
— @johnnyamundson
I think it would be really funny and fitting if the Patriots receive a first- and fourth-round pick for Garoppolo. Because that would mean Brady’s four-game suspension actually allowed them to recoup their Deflategate punishment.

@DougKyed will Long and Blount be replaced with youth?
— @chjch
It’s possible Chris Long and LeGarrette Blount are re-signed as free agents and the Patriots bring in youth at defensive end and running back. The Patriots will need bodies at defensive end next season, and they need a jolt of youth in the early-down running back department.

So, maybe?

@DougKyed Blount, Murray, or Lacy?
— @JustinMH90
Blount over Latavius Murray or Eddie Lacy. Blount over Bill Murray and Jesse Lacy too. I’ll take Bill Murray or Jesse Lacy over Mark Blount, though.

Why aren’t there more great football movies?
— @Eric_Edholm
That’s a good question because there are great hockey, baseball and basketball movies. This might be a really hot take, but the only football movie I love is “Friday Night Lights”, and the TV show was better.

Even as far as the ’90s kids genre of sports movies go, “Little Giants” was a step below “The Mighty Ducks”, “D2”, “Rookie of the Year” and “The Sandlot.”

Maybe it’s because there’s always too much focus put on the coach rather than the players? That really might be it. I think I figured this out at 12:22 in the morning.

Let’s go rapid fire.

@DougKyed when you play tic tac toe, do you start with an X or and O? #MailDoug
— @DomGonzo12

@DougKyed Out of the 5 pats SB wins which one was your favorite ? #MailDoug
— @Mkhan3000
Maybe the most recent? The whole week surrounding Super Bowl LI was really fun.

@DougKyed Time for a long form article where you emulate TB12s diet and exercise for 3 weeks-month. You up for it?
— @MrQuindazzi
Yeah, I’m down with doing that. Brady eats Totino’s Party Pizzas, though right? And Chili’s? And I can eat all the strawberries I want?

@DougKyed What is your favorite Taylor Swift song?
— @Asmitty10_
Whoa. Alison coming in with the tough questions.

I went to the Taylor Swift DirectTV party at Super Bowl LI, not to brag, and I think I was most excited when she played “You Belong With Me” because I have very fond memories of that song. That song’s music video was released when I was touring heavily with my band in 2009, and we’d watch it while sleeping on friends’ floors across the country. There’s nothing weird about four 22-year-old dudes in a hardcore band loving TSwift.

I really like “Blank Space” and “I Wish You Would,” though.

I guess I’ll go with “Blank Space,” and “Love Story” is a banger too.

@DougKyed will this be better than the last mailbag #MailDoug
— @ChaseDawg2
I legit think it might be. Gotta believe.

@DougKyed Who plays you in the movie about your life?
— @Philostopher_

#maildoug is football fake and dumb bc it seems it
— @Jedonfire
Nah, those guys are really tackling each other.

I think you’re thinking of WWE. Or maybe politics.

@DougKyed if you had to rename yourself, what would your top 3 names be? Don’t spell “Doug” 3 different ways either #maildouglass
— @toph_guy
JimBob, HaHa or Dlug.

@DougKyed What’s the worst mailbag question you’ve ever received (aside from this one)? #MailDoug #FailDoug
— @TeamCrazyMatt
Any serious question asking whether the Patriots should sign Terrell Owens. Do you guys remember 2013? That season was WILD.

@DougKyed Sup? #MailDoug
— @June__NYC
I’m kinda straying from the whole “no days off, no days off, no days off, no days off, no days off, no days off, no days off, no days off, no days off” mantra by going to a wedding this weekend. So, while you guys are shuffling through snow, #VacationDoug will be in Florida.

Sorry not sorry.

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