‘Project Cars 2’ Will Have Reworked Multiplayer Optimized For eSports


The online multiplayer features on many video games typically are designed to allow for user-friendly matchmaking sessions. Few games, however, are as easy to use when you’re setting up lobbies for competitive gaming events.

Well, Slightly Mad Studios is specifically developing “Project Cars 2” to offer tons of functionality for eSports, according to the game’s official website.

“Project Cars 2’s” most-unique addition will be its new directing, broadcasting and streaming capabilities. While setting up an online game, you can select one player to be the director and another to be the broadcaster, both of which will not be able to compete in the event.

The director can use the game’s new Directing Suite to control the player that’s shown in the live stream, the section of the track that’s shown and the information that appears in on-screen graphics. Whoever is the broadcaster will receive the live feed directly from the director, and will be responsible for broadcasting it using streaming services, such as Twitch or YouTube Gaming.

Project Cars 2 directing suite

Photo via “Project Cars”

Primetime is a feature that will allow players to browse through a list of races currently streaming. Similarly, Catchup will give users a list of archived broadcasts from past events.

Slightly Mad didn’t solely focus on optimizing “Project Cars 2” for eSports, though. Each player now has a Competitive Gaming License that ranks them based on how much they play, how well-behaved they are on-track and how often they win. The license also will be used in matchmaking to find gamers of similar skill.

The game’s race marshaling will constantly monitor players’ on-track conduct so penalties can be imposed if they violate the rules of the motorsport they’re currently competing in. But rather than tacking on a time penalty tacked at the end of a race, it will allow users to take the penalty whenever they choose.

With 4K graphics, more than 170 cars, 60 tracks and all this new online functionality, “Project Cars 2” looks pretty promising.

Thumbnail photo via YoutTube/Project Cars

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