Ranking The ‘TB Times’: Reviewing Season Through Tom Brady’s Newspaper

The 2016-17 NFL season gave New England Patriots plenty of things, most notably a Super Bowl LI title.

That championship — the team’s fifth in two decades — is pretty awesome and obviously takes the cake for the season’s top highlight. But the “TB Times” might not be too far behind.

That might be a slight exaggeration, but the debut of the weekly newspaper celebrating a Patriots win on Tom Brady’s Facebook page was pretty cool, and hopefully it makes a triumphant return next season, too.

On Thursday, we brought you a roundup of every “TB Times,” and now, we’re back to rank them.

Without further ado, here’s an incredibly non-scientific ranking of each “TB Times.”

17. Week 6: Cincinnati Bengals —  Pretty lame, if we’re being honest. Relatively simple art with an uninspired pun.

16. Week 17: Miami Dolphins —  Definitely feels like this one was in the can all season, saved for the final week of the regular season on the way into the playoffs.

15. Week 1: Arizona Cardinals — It took “TB Times” a little while to hit its stride.

14. Week 2: Miami Dolphins — See above.

13. AFC Divisional Round: Houston Texans — There’s nothing wrong with this one, but there’s nothing especially great about, especially if you value a good pun.

12. Week 5: Cleveland Browns — Predictable direction in which to go when you’re in Cleveland. But the bigger bone to pick here centers around the fact that this was Brady’s first game back after the suspension — and yet no mention of TB12 at all.

11. Week 8: Buffalo Bills — Now we’re starting to make some progress. The pun game isn’t especially strong, but that’s some elaborate artwork. Plus, the idea of Rob Gronkowski in any sort of lab — especially a chicken wing lab — is pretty hilarious.

10. Week 3: Houston Texans — Great use of the pun, and that’s some pretty solid artwork on the Texans’ mascot. We’re especially impressed by the use of the Patriots’ “Color Rush” uniforms, though.

9. Week 12: New York Jets — Tom Brady as Harry Potter is something we never ever expected to see.

8. Week 15: Denver Broncos — Speaking of incarnations of Brady we thought we’d never see, there’s something hilarious about 5-foot-4 jockey version of the Patriots quarterback.

7. Week 11: San Francisco 49ers — Tom Brady in a fanny pack, Hawaiian shirt and sneakers with socks on the beach? Pretty much says it all.

6. Week 7: Pittsburgh Steelers — A+ artwork and a perfect pun. Just solid stuff all around.

5. Week 13: Los Angeles Rams  — Sometimes you just have to laugh at a ram trying to play video games, ya know?

4. Week 16: New York Jets — This gets a little inflation due to its Christmas-centric theme because Christmas is the best.

3. Week 14: Baltimore Ravens — Just look at the detail on “Thomas Allen Poe.”

2. AFC Championship Game: Pittsburgh Steelers — Speaking of detail, the artist outdid his or herself with this one all the way down to the Lamar Hunt Trophy.

1. Super Bowl LI: Atlanta Falcons — Is this one especially creative? No. Is it especially detailed? Clever? Witty? No, no and no. But for crying out loud, people, it’s a Super Bowl celebration with a callback to just about every “TB Times” from the entire season.

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