Ray Lewis Thinks Tom Brady Still Is Motivated By Deflategate Before Super Bowl LI

Tom Brady says he’s totally over Deflategate, but is he really?

The New England Patriots quarterback served his four-game suspension to begin the 2016 NFL season and claimed the situation was behind him long before the Pats made it to Super Bowl LI. But former Baltimore Ravens linebacker and two-time Super Bowl champion Ray Lewis thinks Brady is just trying to play nice with the NFL’s top brass.

“It’s funny because any true competitor never lets nothing go,” Lewis said Wednesday, per FOXSports.com “Like, it’s never let go. I don’t care what nobody does to you.

“I’m telling you, I’ll never forget … in the ninth grade this coach set me up in this drill and had this guy just blast me. Knowing I wasn’t ready for it. He knew I wasn’t ready. Skinny kid, 150-something pounds, and he knew I wasn’t ready. But his thing about me was, he had beef with my uncles. So he brought his beef all the way down from my uncles, and he transferred it to me. I never forgot it. I got up off the ground and I told him, ‘You’ll remember me.’ And I quit his freakin’ football team, and I moved back to my hometown.

“The bottom line is, when you think about Tom Brady … of course he’s going to give us a politically correct word, right? Why wouldn’t you?”

Lewis went on to say that while Brady was watching the Patriots go 3-1 without him to start the season, he likely was plotting his revenge to get to the Super Bowl.

“Sometimes, when you’re able to do things, and you don’t have to speak about it, that’s where the gold is,” Lewis said. “Right? Because now, (NFL commissioner) Roger Goodell had to watch him the entire year. He’s had to sit back and say — and now we’re talking about the same person that’s in the MVP races. … The driving motivation is when people tell you’ve done something wrong and you believe they’re 100 percent wrong.”

Thumbnail photo via Jeremy Brevard/USA TODAY Sports Images

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