With new technology such as virtual reality growing in popularity, the days of traditional video-game controllers could be numbered. But while you might take away our joysticks and our D-pads, you will never take away our memories.

Controllers are pretty important parts of the way you play video games. It’s hard to mash home runs in “MLB The Show,” drain three-pointers in “NBA 2K” or cut corners in racing games without some buttons to push. But some controllers make those tasks more-difficult than others, which is why the truly great gamepads leave such impressions on us.

Systems like the upcoming Nintendo Switch are redefining what controllers are capable of, but that doesn’t diminish the greatness of the classics. Here are our picks for the greatest controllers in gaming history:

Nintendo GameCube

This thing might be the strangest-looking controller ever, but it’s also the greatest. So good, in fact, that Nintendo found a way to port the controller onto the Wii and Wii U. And while there’s no confirmation, there are plenty of rumors indicating Switch will find a way to port this iconic gamepad. Even though it looks extremely bizarre, there’s simply no other controller that fits in your hands more-comfortably than this one, or any that are more durable.

Xbox 360

We know, this controller has its problems. The D-pad is suspect, and the battery pack seemingly causes issues for everyone. But once you get past those drawbacks, you’ll realize how flawless the layout of this controller is. It’s also very durable, and far-more comfortable to hold then the notoriously bulky controller from the first-generation Xbox.

Sega Dreamcast

Say what you want about the Dreamcast’s failures, but this system, and its controller, are excellent. Sure, it was a little big, and making the cable come out of the bottom of the pad was an odd choice, but it handles like a dream nonetheless.

PlayStation 4

The “DualShock 4” is the fourth installment of Sony’s iconic gamepad, and it’s also the best. The first three DualShocks featured raised-grip joysticks that never quite felt right. The DualShock 4 finally corrected that problem, though, and made the triggers better than ever.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

This controller makes this list because it’s an improved version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System’s controller, which some feel is the greatest ever. There’s something to be said for perfecting simplicity, and it’s hard to find a controller that embodies that principle as much as this one.

Thumbnail photo via Flickr/luftholen