These Ultra-Rare, $4M Lamborghinis Are Being Recalled For Fire Risks


Many “normal” people would assume if you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a car, it will run faultlessly. As we know, however, fire risks aren’t that uncommon for mid-engine supercars.

There are only a dozen privately-owned Lamborghini Venenos, but all of them are being recalled due to fire risks caused by faulty fuel systems, Lamborghini said Tuesday, via Automotive News. The recall includes three Veneno hardtops plus nine Veneno Roadsters, which cost roughly $4 million and $4.5 million, respectively. The issue seems to be specific to Lamborghinis with 12-cylinder engines, as approximately 5,900 Aventadors — 1,500 in the U.S. — also are being recalled for the same issues.

The potential fire-inducing system flaws could be accelerated by certain external factors.

Faults in the car’s evaporative emissions control system could lead to fuel vapors being treated improperly, Lamborghini said. Moreover, the company said “particular maneuvers” like over-revving at idle — especially with an aftermarket exhaust system — could heighten the risk, causing fuel vapors to contact hot gasses, potentially leading to fire.

Lamborghini said it’s currently unaware of any injuries related to the faults; however, a spokeswoman for the company was unable to say whether any fires have been caused by them, via Automotive News.

The Venenos’ value has been growing since the vehicle’s launch in 2013, as Automobile Magazine reported one was listed for $11.1 million in 2016, according to Automotive News.

Thumbnail photo via Lamborghini

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