This Tesla Model S Owner’s Autopilot Feature Has Seen Better Nights

Self-driving vehicles are becoming more and more technologically advanced seemingly by the minute, but they’re still far from perfect.

That includes Tesla vehicles, all of which support some version of the brand’s Autopilot feature, which recently received an upgrade. And while the Model S certainly is a great car, a YouTube video posted by Scott S. shows that the vehicle’s inner robot has a long way to go before it can handle designated-driver duties.

It’s unclear what caused the Autopilot to malfunction. Scott, however, mentioned in a comment reply that he believes the problem is software-related, rather than a hardware issue.

Malfunctions are nothing new for autonomously capable vehicles, especially Teslas, as the technology’s development is ongoing. Tesla’s reported alarmingly high amounts of required instances of human intervention on a report recently released by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.