The floodgates are open at Uber.

Just one day after president Jeff Jones announced he was stepping down from the ride-hailing company, vice president of maps and business platform Brian McClendon revealed he also will be leaving Uber, USA TODAY reports. McClendon is the sixth high-profile executive in recent weeks to leave the company.

Unlike Jones, who ripped Uber’s leadership on his way out the door, McClendon said his decision is based primarily on his desire to go back home.

“After 30 years away, I’ve decided to move back to my hometown of (Lawrence, Kan.,),” McClendon wrote in a statement provided by Uber, via USA TODAY. “My roots there run deep and traveling back a few times a year no longer seems like enough. This fall’s election and the current fiscal crisis in Kansas is driving me to more fully participate in our democracy — and I want to do that in the place I call home.”

Although McClendon is stepping down from his primary role with the $68 billion company, he said he plans to stay on as an advisor. And while done for different reasons, McClendon and Jones are among a handful of high-profile executives to leave Uber, in one way or another, amid its recent turmoil.

In addition to Jones and McClendon, head of Uber AI Labs Gary Marcus, hacker Charlie Miller of Uber’s self-driving car team, vice president of product and growth Ed Baker and Amit Singhal, who was asked to leave after not disclosing his involvement in a sexual discrimination lawsuit at Google, all have left the company.

Thumbnail photo via Flickr/Mark Warner