Switch, Nintendo’s new home/portable hybrid gaming console, is progressive in many ways. In some respects, however, the system will have gamers remembering older, less-convenient times.

As it stands right now, Nintendo Switch owners are not able to use their microSD cards on multiple systems, according to IGN. Not only does this mean you can’t bring digital game downloads to a new system if, say, your original system breaks, but you also will not be able to transport game save data from one Switch to another.

If you insert a microSD card into a Switch different from the one it was originally inserted into, the following warning message will pop up, according to Polygon:

The microSD card is being used by another Nintendo Switch console or was used on this console before it was initialized. Delete the Nintendo Switch data on the microSD card to use it on this console. Save data, screenshots, and other data not related to Nintendo Switch won’t be deleted. You can remove the microSD card if you don’t want to use it on this console.

While this might be frustrating for gamers hoping to bring their game save files everywhere they go, the fact remains the system is portable, so the larger issue lies in the inability to transfer downloaded games onto a new console.

Regardless of perceived advantages or disadvantages of the system, it had a historically good launch for Nintendo. Switch posted the best launch weekend sales for any hardware Nintendo has released in both Europe as well as the Americas, according to IGN.

Thumbnail photo via Nintendo