Charles Barkley was known as “The Round Mound of Rebound” during his playing days. Now, nearly 17 years after his final NBA game, he’s even rounder.

But that doesn’t mean Barkley, an 11-time All-Star who earned NBA MVP honors for the 1992-93 season, is going to stand around and let some guy who averaged 2.2 points per game in 26 college contests with Washington State back in 1987-88 act like he could have competed with the best.

In fact, Barkley, now 54 years old, is out here issuing challenges.

For those who don’t know, Barkley has been involved in an ongoing feud with LaVar Ball, the father of three sons with NBA potential, including UCLA superstar Lonzo Ball. LaVar Ball, you see, has been rubbing some people the wrong way with his boisterous claims, and Barkley, who’s never been shy about voicing his opinion since joining the world of broadcasting, has had no problem firing back.

The result has been a war of words in which LaVar Ball even called out Barkley for never winning an NBA title. Between that and LaVar Ball claiming he could have beaten Michael Jordan in a 1-on-1 game in His Airness’ prime, Barkley finally seems to have had enough.

Thumbnail photo via Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports Images