College Student Proves His Sobriety To Police In Coolest Way Possible


There’s a time and a place for everything, including circus tricks. For one college student, however, one of life’s potentially most stressful situations served as an opportunity to display some nifty talents.

Blayk Puckett, a junior at University of Central Arkansas, was driving home with a busted brake light Friday, but his slow driving prompted local police to pull him over. The officers asked Puckett to exit the vehicle, at which point it became evident he hadn’t been drinking. But just in case there was any doubt, Puckett sealed the deal by showing off his juggling skills.

Thankfully, the moment was captured on the cruiser’s dashboard cam, and uploaded to YouTube by PoliceActivity.

If you ask us, the best part of this video is Puckett’s license plate, which reads “JUGGLER.” It’s pretty obvious that Puckett lives, breathes and sleeps juggling, and it’s probably not hard to guess what he likes to do at college parties.

Puckett was not given a ticket after the incident, and apparently performed again for one of the officers just a few days later.

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