Crazy Canadian Junior Hockey Fight Turns Ugly When Fans Get Involved


Don’t mess with hockey players in Canada. More importantly: Don’t mess with hockey fans in Canada.

Both statements were proven this weekend during a junior hockey game between the Southern Sting and Grand Lake Moose, who play in Canada’s New Brunswick Junior B Hockey League.

Halfway through the third period, what only can be described as a massive melee broke out that saw one Grand Lake Moose player hop over the stands to fight a fan.

Here’s a closer look at the player who went into the stands, and took a pretty good beating from a few fans while even losing his jersey:

So, what started all the ruckus? According to 14-year-old fan Jonathan Tremblay, who witnessed the brawl firsthand, Southern Sting fans were taunting a Grand Lake Moose player in the penalty box when things took a turn for the worse.

“One of the fans dumped beer on top of (the player),” Tremblay told CBC News in New Brunswick, “Then he decided he was just going to jump the boards and start fighting.”

Remarkably, no one was arrested on the scene, although police officers helped break up the fight and an investigation is being launched. The Southern Sting went on to win 4-2, but not before taking center stage in a brawl that rivals “The Malice at the Palace.”

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