French Newspaper Accuses Renault Of Cheating Emission Tests For 25 Years


Volkswagen’s “Dieselgate” scandal pales in comparison to the accusations Renault now faces.

In a Wednesday report from French newspaper Liberation, Renault was accused of using a “fraudulent device” to alter its vehicles’ emissions during testing for up to 25 years, Deutsche Welle reports. The report supposedly included portions of a report from French anti-fraud and consumer protection agency DGCCRF.

“The results give rise to suspicions that a special device modified the performance of the motor to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions during the specific conditions of certification tests,” the DGCCRF report said, according to DW.

Renault released a statement in response to the issue, calling the Liveration’s report “unbalanced” and claiming it doesn’t yet have access to the DGCCRF’s report.

“Groupe Renault will not comment on a current investigation, the latter being confidential by nature and Renault having as yet no access to the case,” the company said in a press release. “As a consequence, Renault cannot confirm the veracity, completeness and reliability of the information published in said article. Renault will prove its compliance with the regulations and reserves its explanations for the Judges in charge of investigating this case.”

VW recently pleaded guilty to criminal charges in the U.S. related to a similar emission scandal, which has cost it more than $17 billion to settle.

Thumbnail photo via Renault

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