‘Blue Oval’ Sign On Ford’s Headquarters Blows Off In High Winds


Ford certainly considers wind resistance when designing its vehicles. The company might want to take a similar approach from now on with its signs.

The greater Detroit area saw wind gusts of up to 50 mph Thursday morning, winds so strong the iconic Blue Oval sign atop Ford’s Dearborn, Mich., headquarters was torn away from its perch, WXYZ-TV reports. The removal of the sign’s cover, which reportedly wound up wrapped around electrical structures on the building’s roof, exposed the bright lights behind it.

The sign is made of a soft fabric that’s similar to the material used in pool liners, according to WXYZ-TV. While the Blue Oval had a rough morning, the sign’s frame and lighting reportedly weren’t affected.

Although the company is working to restore the signage, the Blue Oval cover will have to be replaced, according to a Ford spokesman, via Automotive News.

Thumbnail photo via Ford

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