Formula One’s new cars are subjecting drivers to extreme cornering forces, with most having admitted coping with the physical demand is a huge challenge. But it apparently isn’t too difficult for Lewis Hamilton.

The Mercedes-AMG Petronas driver told the BBC he’s opting to not use a personal trainer before or during the 2017 season. Instead, Hamilton said he’s created a fitness regiment for himself as “a kind of challenge.”

Hamilton’s decision to train himself certainly is a high-risk strategy, as the 2017-spec F1 cars are unlike anything drivers have felt before. After qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix, Haas F1 Team’s Romain Grosjean said they were nearing eight G’s in high-speed corners. Fighter pilots, for perspective, wear special anti-G suits to cope with eight or nine G’s for an extended periods of time, according to PBS.

However, Hamilton insists he hasn’t missed a beat without a trainer.

“Can you have the motivation to do it yourself and get ready and tone up, not having a trainer and be ready?” Hamilton said, via BBC. “I have. … My discipline has definitely gone up in terms of my training and how specific I am with my diet.”

Some have speculated Hamilton’s star-studded life away from F1 has caused him to become disillusioned with the sport, though the three-time world champion suggested that wasn’t the case.

“The hunger… while last year (I felt) the hunger couldn’t be any more, it has freakin’ doubled,” Hamilton told the BBC. “So I am fit and ready.”

Considering Hamilton took pole in Melbourne, Australia, by more than than 0.25 seconds, and finished P2 in the race, we don’t doubt his fitness level — or motivation.

Thumbnail photo via Mercedes-AMG Petronas