This Huge Monster-Truck Front Flip Is Historic, Undeniably Awesome


Front flips usually are pretty great, no matter where they’re performed or what they’re performed with. However, it’s unlikely that flips of any kind could ever look as cool as they do when done with a monster truck.

Driver Lee O’Donnell, nicknamed the “Mad Scientist,” brought down the house Saturday night during the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas. O’Donnell wound up winning the freestyle championship at the event, and it’s not hard to see why.

In winning his first freestyle championship, O’Donnell pulled off the first front flip in Monster Jam competition history, according to Monster Jam. Given how physics-defying the trick looked, we’re not surprised it had never been landed before.

The craziest part about O’Donnell’s trick, and other high-flying monster-truck maneuvers, is it somehow was planned. At first glance, the flip looks like a spectacular mistake, but it’s clear O’Donnell knew exactly what he was doing.

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