Video Explains What You Need To Look For When Picking Out Racing Seats


When people begin modifying their cars, they often focus solely on increasing its power output. But there’s some aftermarket parts many overlook that don’t make cars faster, but can significantly improve their driving experiences: racing seats.

Some new cars, such as the Nissan Sentra NISMO, come standard with pretty decent sport seats. However, they still aren’t really in the same league as actual racing seats. A good race seat not only has big side bolsters to hold you in place, but also can help improve the safety of your vehicle.

Not every product on the market might be right for your specific needs, though. In a video posted to YouTube on Monday, ChrisFix explains everything you need to know before picking out your new seats, from the different materials available, to the specific seat designs and even the types of mounting brackets you can buy.

As ChrisFix noted, not everybody will have the chance to try out various seats one after the other. That’s why it’s important to take precise measurements to ensure you found the seat that best fits your car, and your body.

Remember, returning a bucket seat you ordered online that doesn’t fit, definitely is more of a process than sending back a shirt that’s the wrong size.

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