Youth Basketball Coach Ruthlessly Rejects Player Shooting On Wrong Basket


Some children are visual learners. Some learn better by listening. And others, well, you’ve gotta send their basketball shot into the sixth row to really get your point across.

One of the best basketball blooper videos we’ve seen in a long while is making the internet rounds and for good reason.

In a youth basketball game played somewhere in the world and some point in time — both are unknown at the moment — one youngster looked to have an open shot at the basket.

He tried to shoot his shot, all right, he just did so on the wrong hoop. He got the ball at one end of the court and immediately took off the other way — the wrong way — where he thought he had an uncontested layup.

The only problem? His coach came running off the sidelines to reject the layup attempt.

With authority.

It’s also kind of sneaky hilarious this coach is dressed like an NBA coach, although maybe he came from work or something.

Any posting of this video should also be accompanied by this classic “SportsCenter” commercial starring the late, great Stuart Scott.

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